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Bringing over 50 years of experience in the financial services industry, the Hoopis Performance Network has your recruiting solution.

Unlimited access to the POP, one of the most popular selection tools in financial services.

Turnkey Recruiting Solution

HPN TalentNest™ is a leading edge, turnkey recruiting solution developed exclusively for the financial services industry. HPN TalentNest™ is a simple, flexible tool designed to save you time, energy and money as you source, select and recruit top quality financial professionals.

Automated prescreen questions and email templates

Custom branded job board website

Access talent with the Personality Orientation Profile

HPN TalentNest™ simplifies the talent acquisition process by making it easy to post jobs and process your applicants. With this talent acquisition and management system at your disposal, you can move candidates through a configurable recruiting process that works the way your team does. You will realize the benefits in tracking the success of your candidate sourcing strategies, time to hire, and more. Start building your Nest today!

  • Custom-branded website
  • Save time and money
  • Source and prescreen candidates electronically
  • Track candidates through the process
  • Save time with repetitive tasks
  • Collect data on your best sources
  • POP™ Profile

HPN TalentNest provides unlimited access to one of the most popular selection tools in the financial services industry: The Personal Orientation Profile™ or POP™.

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The POP™ is a personality profile that has become the industry standard and is thoroughly validated. More than just a sales skills assessment, the POP™ is one of the worlds’ leading sales employee selection tools and is the instrument of choice for many of the most competitive financial services sales forces.

Among many other indicators of success, the POP™ will provide you with a hiring recommendation based on a candidate’s overall Probability of Success as a financial professional.

The POP Screen™ is an effective solution to the challenge of targeting and screening a high number of potential recruits. It provides a quick snapshot of the candidate’s potential for a competitive sales role.

The screening system can be customized and adjusted to ensure the appropriate flow of quality candidates to the next step in the selection process.

By assessing the inherent talent, effort history, and fit to the position, the POP Screen™ is able to screen out those candidates who lack the potential for success in competitive sales.

By focusing on candidates with a 'success' profile and screening candidates who lack the essentials, the POP Screen™ is the first step in a selection process that will allow recruiters to focus on high qualified candidates. Many sales organizations use the POP Screen™ to identify and screen for candidates who will perform and survive in a highly competitive sales environment.

What Does POP Screen Do?

  • Screens for suitability for competitive sales positions
  • Identifies high potential sales representatives
  • Manages the flow of targeted recruits
  • Eliminates the need to read resumes
  • Eliminates candidates lacking essential requirements.
  • Provides an overall rating on talent, effort history, fit to sales
  • Identifies self-managers likely to be accountable for performance
  • Provides data to help predict performance and retention
  • Provides information for candidate/manager matching
  • Is available online 24/7
  • Reduces both time and cost per hire
  • Integrates into any Recruitment Solution or ATS
  • Can be customized to any organization

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